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This website is dedicated to Frontier Development's outstanding space simulation game
Elite Dangerous

It's a place full of condensed information about improving your space life to the max:

More income, more fun (and survival) in combat situations, more efficient engineering and successful exploration.

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CNB & RES Locator
NEW! Resource Zone & Compromised Nav Beacon Locator!
Want to rank up in combat? Practice? Have fun? Find CNB/RES near you:

2021-Jul-19 RANKS: Empire Rank Up Fast In Elite Dangerous
2021-Jul-19 COMBAT: Basics Ship Launched Fighters
2021-Jul-19 MISSIONS: Understanding Assassination Missions
2021-Jul-19 BASICS: Gankers And Griefers And Bullies
2021-Jul-19 WEAPONS: Engineering Multi Cannon
2021-Jul-19 WEAPONS: Engineering Burst And Pulse Lasers
2021-Jul-19 WEAPONS: An Overview
2021-Jul-19 TRADE: Howto Trade Rare Goods In Small Ships
2021-Jul-19 TRADE: Basics An Introduction To Trading In Elite Dangerous
2021-Jul-19 TOOLS: Inara Cz English Spoken Multi Tool

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