A crime is a crime is a crime

In Elite Dangerous, you will find a crime and punishment system which will irritate you at times and confuse you at other times.

You will find several other essays about what-to-do-if in the 'BASICS' chapter, but for a start you should consult the following information:

Crime and Punishment (without powerplay activities) is based on three factors:

  1. FINES

  2. You will be fined for all non violent offenses and even for some of lesser violence. Basically, everything you do wrong without destroying a ship is good for a fine.

    Be it firing in a no fire zone, ramming ships above 100m/s near a station (without destroying them directly or in the minutes afterwards by them colliding with structures or by crappy flying on their side), carrying stolen or illegal goods, loitering at docking pads or the station's entrance, dumping cargo near a station, entering (or staying in) a station without clearance or firing at clean ships (without destroying them).

    All this is stuff that gives you a fine - which in turn is not a catastrophy. Simply pay it at the station that belongs to the fine's issuing minor faction.
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