Basics: Bi-Weave Shields vs D vs A vs Prismatics - #00063

Freedom is realizing you have a choice
T.F. Hodge

Before you start reading about Shield Generators and all of their secrets (just kidding!), make sure you have understood what kind of effect your power distributor's usage has. Wrong settings in combat can damage your defense in a way the best shield generator available can not compensate for.
For more information, check Entry #00001 - Combat Basics Maximum Shield Strength here on

When building a combat ship, you will sooner or later have to decide about what shield generator to use.

By avoiding 'E' graded shields for a lack of performance, 'C' graded shields for being mediocre and 'B' graded shields for being way too heavy, everything comes down to the question:

Bi-Weave, D, A or Prismatic Shields?

... are about as heavy as C rated shields
... provide about as much protection as D rated shields
... need about the same amount of power generator energy as C rated shields
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