COMBAT: Basics - How To Survive Interdictions - #00012

Do it right and you're safe.

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In Elite Dangerous, you're mostly safe from NPC interdictions, if you learn to evade the right way. Even with the strongest NPC which are sent to you in high payout missions, there is a high chance to get away unscathed even in weak and slow ships.

Interdictions by humans (cmdrs) can be evaded the same way, you just have to make sure you wipe your traces. Read on.

When interdicted, the first thing you should do is IDENTIFY your enemy. Use 'biggest threat' (default key: h) to check if you're interdicted by an NPC or a CMDR.

After identifying, you decide if you wish to fight your opponent (check ship type and rank and don't be too bold). If you wish to fight your enemy, just SUBMIT to the interdiction by using 0% throttle (default key: x).

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