COMBAT: Basics - Shield Cell Banks vs. Shield Boosters - #00053

One of the biggest mistakes newbies, and even advanced cmdrs, make is installing shield boosters instead of shield cell banks.

At this point I want to make clear in advance, that shield boosters are valuable tools. Their main purpose is to enhance primary shield capacity so the time span until a needed shield refill by shield cell banks is prolonged.

Cmdrs unfortunately use lots of shield boosters, considering them a valid way for extending combat endurance, which is true to some degree, but horribly unefficient compared to shield cell banks.

In short:

Shield Booster
- Utility module
- Enhances capacity of the shield system. Once.
- No additional recharge, no multiple use. Empty means empty.
- Can't be irritated or forced into a malfunction without having killed the module, which in turn needs shields to be dropped. Catch 22 for the enemy.

Shield Cell Banks
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