ENGINEERING: Basics - An Introduction To Engineering - #00024

What are "Engineers"?

Engineers are NPC characters which are able to alter your ship's module's characteristics in certain ways.

Modifications include more performance, better energy efficiency and a broad variety of specialised per-module modifications and countless 'experimental' effects.

With Engineers, you can outfit your ship to your needs. Although this sounds as an advertisment for the 'Horizons' package, it isn't. It's just a hint: If you love Elite and if you wish to enjoy the highest performance possible with your given ship, give it a go.

Engineers do have a drawback, though: without knowing in depth what you are meant to do, you will live through a nightmare of material collecting, engineering the wrong modules, the wrong modifications, the wrong effects...

This is where can help you big time. READ ON!

So I simply go shopping?

Not so fast, young jedi.

There is a broad variety of Engineers. The existence of a few of them will be shown to you when you reach certain levels of experience.

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