INCOME: Basics – Some information for beginners - #00007

'Money, money, money makes the world go round' - Everyone

Elite Dangerous doesn't differ much from ancient times on earth, i.e. the 21st century. One needs money, lots of it, for fulfilling dreams or just having options in life.

As in real life, there are numerous ways to create income and – luckily – in Elite's world you can earn quite some with not much of an effort.

Absolute Beginners
… should stick to easy delivery missions for a start. Do these until you feel yourself at home in your sidewinder or bigger. Check mission section on this site, you'll find valuable infos there.

… should learn some basic combat by equipping a kill warrant scanner and assist the police for earning some bounties. Check income section on this site for a howto.

… can practice exploration by doing 'forced' exploration to known systems. Cash in on money and exploration rank while learning near home. Check income section on this site for a howto.

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