INCOME: HOWTO For Beginners - Forced Exploration Road To Riches - #00023

Learn basic exploration skills while earning 10+ million credits per hour

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Does this sound fishy? Too easy? Far from it. The only thing you need is a ship with a decent jump range.

Got no money for a decent ship? It doesn't cost as much as you might think. You're good with a budget of about 500.000.- credits for a Hauler. That's (almost) all you need as you will just fly to a (provided) list of systems nearby with at least one "Earth Like" planet. This provides 1-1.5 million credits in sold cartography data when coming back to the more civilized parts of the galaxy.

Seriously. It's easy. Read on.

In case you got more money, opt for a Diamondback Explorer (about 15 million) or an Asp Explorer (about 25 million).

These ships are the most common exploration vessels with the Hauler providing "best-bang-for-the-buck", the diamondback explorer delivering the highest single jump range of all ships when not engineered, and the asp explorer just being the "feels right" exploration vessel (It usually has a bit less jump range than the diamondback explorer but better view and more room for a potent fuel scoop).

In short:

ShipMoney needed
Haulerca. 500k
Diamondback Explorerca. 15 mil
ASP Explorerca. 25 mil

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