INCOME: HOWTO For Beginners - Forced Exploration Road To Riches - #00023

Learn basic exploration skills while earning 10+ million credits per hour

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Does this sound fishy? Too easy? Far from it. The only thing you need is a ship with a decent jump range.

Got no money for a decent ship? It doesn't cost as much as you might think. You're good with a budget of about 500.000.- credits for a Hauler. That's (almost) all you need as you will just fly to a (provided) list of systems nearby with at least one "Earth Like" planet. This provides 1-1.5 million credits in sold cartography data when coming back to the more civilized parts of the galaxy.

Seriously. It's easy. Read on.

In case you got more money, opt for a Diamondback Explorer (about 15 million) or an Asp Explorer (about 25 million).

These ships are the most common exploration vessels with the Hauler providing "best-bang-for-the-buck", the diamondback explorer delivering the highest single jump range of all ships when not engineered, and the asp explorer just being the "feels right" exploration vessel (It usually has a bit less jump range than the diamondback explorer but better view and more room for a potent fuel scoop).

In short:

ShipMoney needed
Haulerca. 500k
Diamondback Explorerca. 15 mil
ASP Explorerca. 25 mil


First of all, you need to equip the ship for long distance travel. Which is a relative term, as you're going to hop 50-150 light years on average. Compare that to a Beagle Point expedition with 2 x 65.000 ly and you get the point...

As single jump range is limited by two factors: Ship weight and quality of the frame shift drive, you just buy a Hauler at a station that sells it (use station finder if in doubt).

This way of equipping your (first) exploration vessel is the same, no matter if you use the Hauler, the Diamondback Explorer or the Asp Explorer (or any other ship).

Where to fly to

You can use one of the available online route calculators - just google "road to riches elite dangerous". These are quite comfortable and offer lots of options. Their downside is, that their dynamic nature in listing systems makes it impossible to keep track about which systems you have yet visited. Some of them do use some markup feature for checking what you visited, yet. This is not reliable for being cookie based and volatile when changing browsers or expiration of the cookie.

You can also use the provided static list at the end of this howto. It might look less convincing, but you can either print it out and mark it using a pen. The classic way.

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