INCOME: HowTo - Regular Mining And Dual Hotspot Mining - #00041

Regular mining is defined as not doing the "blow the rock up" thing. You will fly around a designated mining area, looking for asteroids with valuable ore, then use a regular mining laser to chip off fragments.

It's lucrative, especially if you go to dual hotspot locations (read more in 'procedures'). Single hotspots alone are a good way of income for themselves, though. I won't provide an estimate of credits per hour earned as mining differs a lot by location, ship used and cmdr's skills but ... it's worth it. Definitely.

You need about 10 million credits for a suitable ship, a well stocked collection of beverages-of-your-choice and some knowledge. Here comes the latter.

We'll talk about
  1. Equipment
  2. Location
  3. and
  4. Procedure
as mining is easy, but should be well prepared.

First of all, it's about being prepared:


In theory, you could use a Sidewinder for mining. It will be a pain to do, it will not rake in a lot of money, but hypothetically...

Far better suited for mining is everything with as much capacity as a Cobra Mk III. This 'swiss knife in space' can do everything on a budget, you even got several ways to outfit it for mining.

If (!) you're a good pilot who doesn't crash into asteroids while flying through an asteroid field, you can basically use that Cobra Mk III without a shield. If you do so, please upgrade to a military bulkhead for a minimum of protection (and don't blame me if your ship is destroyed while carrying a fortune in valuable ore).

For REGULAR mining, you should buy a Cobra Mk III with these modules (for availability of ship and modules near your current location, please use the fabulous

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