Materials: HowTo - Trade Encoded Data, Elementary or Manufactured Materials - #00060

When you're in dire need of some material you don't have in your material collection and you might have trouble finding, you can utilize a material trader's services.


... for manufactured material can either be done by flying to the next INDUSTRIAL/EXTRACTION or INDUSTRIAL/REFINERY system near you, which will give you a high chance of a manufactured material trader at that place if the system is large enough for a large orbital station.
(For data, you need a high tech economy, for element material it should be a refinery or a combination of refinery with industrial or anything else)

The better way is to use inara's NEAREST function. Provide your current location, then select MATERIAL TRADER and you will see a list of all available material traders around you. The function will list all types of material traders, so make sure you approach the right one.


... simply opt for starport services, contacts, material trader and be overwhelmed by a huge table full of materials.


Just click on any material you need and you will see all possible trading partners (materials) with the trade ratio in the upper left corner.

Clicking on some grade 5 material like PROTO RADIOLIC ALLOYS, you might see their grade 4 material neighbors PROTO LIGHT ALLOYS in elite's standard yellow-orange tone, while everything else is blocked (red). This means you can swap in some proto LIGHT alloys in order to increase your stock of proto RADIOLIC alloys.

Just select the number of proto LIGHT alloys to invest into receiving the shown number of proto RADIOLIC alloys.
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