Materials: Raw: Technetium - Grade 4 - #00020

Technetium is a rare grade 4 element in Elite Dangerous.

Material traders allow trade with almost every other raw 'element' material. If you wish to trade something in for Technetium, you can do so with other grade 4(5) element material with a ratio of 6:1.

Technetium is in Category 2, together with Molybdenum, Chromium and Phosphorus.

It is more favorable to use Molybdenum as a source for a Technetium trade, this class 3 element material has a 6:1 ratio but it's way easier to harvest than grade 4 or 5 material. Just keep in mind if you're planning to engineer your ship with blueprints in need of vast amounts of Molybdenum, as Molybdenum is needed for about a dozen Grade 4 and Grade 5 enhancements.

Engineers need Technetium for an immense amount of weapon modifications and various other mods. Mostly used for grade 3 and grade 4 mods, Technetium is quite often needed. Put it on the top of your list when hunting materials as it is needed for unlocking the Tech Brokers' shock cannon.

Synthesis uses Technetium as premium ammo restock for Plasma Accelerators and severl other basic grade ammunitions.
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