MISSIONS: Basics – Understanding Mission Listings - #00004

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'This message will self destruct in five seconds' – Famous Ancient SOL TV Show

Elite Dangerous' mission system is more versatile and more complex than it might look at first. Understanding mission texts and mission revenue options is crucial for achieving your goals, be it just monetary benefit, engineering or politics.

The mission board

To the left, you can see the minor factions present in your current system. Apart from the minor factions name and the completely useless information about the NPC character handling missions for this faction you can see information about missions available for you and missions in total formatted to some nr / nr. In addition, there's a federation, an empire or an alliance symbol if the given minor faction works for one of the three power blocks.

The most important part here is the 2D progress bar below: it shows your current REP as in reputation with the minor faction. The higher the better the parking spot (no kidding!) and the more and better missions you're offered.

The mission listing
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