MODULES: Power Generator - #00026

May the juice be with you!

Power plants are the true core of a ship. At least energy wise.

They provide your ship with a certain amount of energy which must be higher than all modules you are currently actively using.

In other words: A 15 MJ power plant can provide 'juice' for 15 modules with 1 MJ each. Only an example. A dumb one. You get the point.

There are two 'flows of energy' in your ship. The one is the basic power - provided by your power generator - which is basically responsible for 'keeping the light on'.

The other 'flow of energy' is thermic power (heat) distributed (away) from modules using your power distributor.

Both 'flows' are separate. If in doubt why your weapons always shout 'thermal overload' and object to your wish for demolishing your opponent, read about the power distributor.

Sizes and Energy

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