NAVIGATION: Basics – SuperCruise inside a system - #00002

All you need to know about supercruise mode

Supercruise is one of the three 'speed modes' in Elite Dangerous.

In a speed range between ca. 300 km/s and nearly 1000 times the speed of light, you can cruise around inside your current system.

Moving the throttle to a higher setting accelerates your ship. Acceleration itself is not dependent on your throttle setting (more throttle doesn't accelerate faster) but by time-passed and by your distance to (planetary) mass.

You can either 'roam freely' or target any structure to fly to. Just open your left in-ship window and use the NAV(igation) tab to select a target. Everything that doesn't see a 'ly' behind it (for light years) is inside your current system. Target it, turn towards it, then accelerate to full throttle.

You can see a timer in your HUD ahead. The moment it decreases to 00:08 (8 seconds), reduce your throttle (fast!) to the lowest 'blue' setting available.

This way, you accelerate 'full throttle' to the point you need to throttle down for not overshooting on target due to overspeed. Overshooting results in a 'loop of shame' that can be seen by other players...

While in full throttle cruise, make sure you don't come close to planets, this will slow you down massively and extend the time needed to reach your destination. You will see a 'slow down' message at your radar screen if that happens.

When departing from a place near a planet or a main star (mass!) do not turn to your target immediately, but make sure you got the big mass behind you. You want to be as far from masses as possible for the earliest possible and fastest acceleration possible.

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