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Your frame shift drive is a peculiar thing. Especially so in Supercruise mode.

No matter if you're leaving a main star's vicinity after a hyperjump or a planet's surroundings after leaving a station or a settlement, the first thing you have to do is leave the object's mass' detrimental effect.

Up to a speed of about 0.33 c (c = speed of light), you are inside the object's radius of influence and therefore being slowed down.

Departing a main star after a jump

... is as easy as it gets. Simply pull up until you see that thing right behind you on your radar screen. Speed up until at more than 0.33c before changing course.

Departing an orbital station

... is best done by flying straight out of the mail slot until leaving mass lock (deviate 10-20 degrees into any direction for less danger of a collision with NPC or incoming traffic as soon as you left the station).

When out of mass lock, activate your Frame Shift Drive in order to charge it to 100%.

If not high waking to another system, but planning to 'low wake' into Supercruise, you should get away from the (mostly) nearby planet as soon as possible.

The most elegant way to do so is, while charging your FSD, deactivating your Flight Assist and pitching up (or down) your ship until you see the station ahead of you.

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