RANKS: Imperial Navy Ranks - Ships - Permits - #00017

Ranking up in the Empire is not only about flying fancy looking ships

In Elite Dangerous, you are not limited to one major political faction, one career or one lifestyle.

It's therefore a good idea to know about Imperial Navy Rank and its benefits, even if you don't plan to go the 'bask in the glory' way.

Benefits: Ships
Looking at the table below, you can see the ships being unlocked after reaching a certain Federation rank. It is well worth the 'grind', be it for the sheer beauty and joy of flying the Imperial Clipper or for the long-range-high-cargo-capacity Imperial Cutter.

Benefits: Systems
Less impressive on first sight, but important for 'Empire' role play or access to some player group's backyard. By reaching a certain Imperial rank, you get access to previously locked systems.

Table: Elite Dangerous Imperial Navy Ranks. Unlocked Ships. System Permits.
Empire Navy Ranks Ships Permits Elite Dangerous
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