SHIPS: Types - Multi Role - Hauler - #00051

The 'pregnant tick' is a hidden gem!

New cmdrs tend to buy a hauler for its... hauling capacity. It's usually sold after a short time for something with even more capacity if one goes the trader life's way or for something with more than that measly small weapon hardpoint if living the 'dangerous' space life.

It is soon forgotten as this 'small crappy slow thing of a freighter' by most, but the Hauler has some important features that make it quite attractive to low experience cmdrs looking for sources of high income and more experienced cmdrs as an easily available personal shutter or a disposable explorer. Read on...

For beginners looking for an upgrade from their Sidewinders, here's a short list of differences in freight performance. An all-cargo equipped Hauler without shields (for maximum cargo capacity) can...

... haul 26 tons (Sidewinder: 16 tons). That's roughly 60% more revenue in freight and a lot more missions available

... jump 15.2 light years in one hop (Sidewinder: 15.8 ly). On the given distance this doesn't make a difference.
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