TRADE: Rare Goods Trading- #00028

Knowledge equals profit.
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #74

The more money you earn per ton you carried somewhere, the more lucrative your job as a space trucker.

Unfortunately you need some time to earn enough money for buying a ship with lots of cargo.

Until then, you got a viable alternative option: Trading rare goods.

What are rare goods?

In contrary to regular commodities, rare goods are... rare. Hahah.

Seriously, at several dozen stations in the populated parts of the Galaxy you can purchase a limited number of so lcalled rare goods. Most of these are not very expensive, the most expensive ones are at around 25.000 credits.

Understood. Now what to do with these?

After purchasing rare goods, you simply transport them to another station. With each light year of distance, the rare goods become more and more valuable.

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