WEAPONS: An Overview - #00037

Weapons in Elite Dangerous are not only a thing of personal choice, but options of inflicting damage inside the borders of a quite complex damage model.


Here are the four kinds of damage with their corresponding weapon types:

  1. RAW damage
  2. - occurs when being rammed by another ship or when being shot at with Plasma Accelerators - their damage done is about 60% of 'raw' type
  3. THERMAL damage
  4. - inflicted by lasers (100% of their damage is of thermal type), Plasma Accelerators (about 20% of their damage) and Rail Guns (about 50% of their damage, some sources say it's even more)
  5. KINETIC damage
  6. - created by guns (multi cannon, cannon, fragment cannon) and Plasma Accelerators (about 20% of their damage)
  7. EXPLOSIVE damage
  8. - happens when mines, missiles, torpedoes or rockets hit your ship

In general, you should carry a mixture of thermal and kinetic weapons as thermal damage is better for lowering shields - these are weak against thermal damage - and kinetic weapons are better for damaging hull - hull is generally weaker against kinetic damage.

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